Cappadocia: Chineese tourist killed in baloon crash

A Chinese tourist was killed and eleven others were injured after two hot-air balloons crashed in Turkey’s touristic region of Cappadocia in Central Anatolia on Dec. 17.

The accident occurred at around 8.15 a.m. over the famed sculpted rock formations of Cappadocia in the Guvercinlik Valley. The balloon, owned by the Atmosfer balloon company and operated by pilot Murat Yerkalan, and another balloon owned by the Kapadokya balloon company had begun to drift from a strong wind when they began their descent, Doğan News Agency reported. The two balloons ultimately fell to the ground because of the strong wind conditions.

Security forces and paramedics were immediately dispatched to the scene after tourists in the balloon and witnesses notified authorities.

Nevşehir Governor Mehmet Ceylan said the wind was the cause of the accident and confirmed that a 23-year-old Chinese woman named Tang Yi was killed.

“Gendarmerie forces and the civilian aviation authority have opened investigations into the incident. The necessary meetings are being held with the Chinese consulate-general concerning the Chinese tourist,” he said.

Eleven people, eight Chinese and Malaysian nationals and three Turks, were also wounded in the crash. Two Malaysian tourists injured in the accident is in critical condition, reports said.

An investigation was underway to determine the cause of the crash.

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